Technical Seminar Report on Cloud Computing

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Cloud Computing:

It refers to computer resources and the applications linked with it. It means use of an application through the internet and the web services. Anyone can use cloud application if he has internet connection and web browsers. Same applications can be accessed by many clients or users. Cloud application can be designed as per our requirement. It increases the utilization of hardware and software. They are very effective because they are much cost less and deliver the information effectively this is turn reduces the complexity of the IT system and response are very better as it works in real time.

Cloud computing are also used in the social network, business, innovations etc. we just need to made the request through internet and the administrator process our request and display the web bases interface for user. They use the data center like IBM Tivoli, DB2 etc. they are the backend for the data server that provides the facility to the user.

It also allows the innovator to change or delete servers. They have the right to delete servers or add new software and change the memory management. Clouds can have number of servers and as the number of server increases the monitoring of these servers becomes difficult.

In cloud computing workers are said to collect information and then these information are added to the data bases. And mostly the work are done in open source software so that they are platform independent like Xen, it is virtual machine. Cloud computing uses Google file system techniques for its storage management which allows the user to use very large data with the help of network. Today these computing are used for innovation purpose by big companies like IBM. They use them to make services better.

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