Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Network Security with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Network Security:

Network security is the theory of Computer Networks. It is important for technologies associated with the network security in network security it will protected the all systems from the hackers in the computer networks. We have different tools in network security to guard our computer networks.

The two dissimilar types network protection tools Are  Audit/test/Assessment tools in that they categorize into three ways that are Network Reconnaissance & Network Mapping, Passive Vulnerability Assessment, Active Penetration Testing & Gaining Access. The additional tool is Defense/Detection tools this are also classify into three ways that are File Walls (Network & personal), Antivirus, Honey pots. Threats to Network security in computer and network security deal with the three requirements they are Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability these prerequisites are used to control the threats that happens in the network security.

In Network security the attacks are classified into two types they are Passive Attack and Active Attack. Methods of Network security are to prevent the attacks we are using the methods that are, Encryption Method this method is classified into two they are Private Key Encryption-Symmetric cryptography and Public key encryption-Asymmetric Encryption and the other methods are Extensible Authentication Protocol and Authentication and Access Control Measures. The Application of Network Security in the Computer Networks is Digital Certificates, Smart cards, Kerberos this is the application that are done by the Network Security.

In network security Fire walls are the concept that plays a vital role in the network security, a Firewall is simply a group of components that collectively from a barrier between two networks, in Fire walls we have three types of networks they are Application Gateways, Packet Filtering and Hybrid Systems. The Advantages of Network security are easy Implementation and Maintenance. It concludes that the evolution of Network Security and the Technologies are implemented in the Network Security

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