Technical Seminar Presentation on Sorting Networks with PPT for IT Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Sorting Networks:

The paper is about the sorting mechanism. We can define sorting as an efficient process which accepts a set of values as input which are arranged as either the increasing or decreasing order for providing as output.  We can define sorting in a notation as sequence defined  S={s1,s2,…….,sn} can be arranged as a  new sequence of  S’={s1’,s2’,…….,sn’} where si’<si+1’ for i=1,2,3,….n-1, by the sorting method.

The sorting networks are considered as the comparison a network which is used for sorting the inputs of the sequence. It consists of wires and also comparators and these sorting networks mainly implement the Parallel sorting method, where the input set is classified as one or more subsets and these subsets are sorted in parallel and then merged into an output set.

In the sorting network the comparators accept the inputs as x and y and outputs generated as x’ and y’, where x’ =min (x,y) and y’ =max (x,y) . The most important process in sorting network is merging where after classification of subsets, they are merged into a single set which is used for special purpose called Merging network.

When we consider a comparator network with n input values, sorts all 2n sequences of zeroes and ones in a network of sorting. The different types of parallel sorting techniques includes Bitonic sorting with is used for sorting either in decrease or increase monotonically. And the Bitonic sorter consists of several stages and each stage is named as Half-cleaner.

When we speak about other sorting method named transposition sorting, it is used to merge two sorted sequences to a single sorted sequence. Thus we can conclude that it is the most efficient sorting method. 

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on Sorting Networks with PPT for IT Students.

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