Technical Seminar Presentation on Multicast Rate Control with PPT for CSE Final Year Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Multicast Rate Control:

The paper is about Multicast Rate Control, Now a days for an effective use of the network, multicast rate control is needed.  This type of data delivery is more recommended when the receivers of the same multicast group possess different characteristics. The same can be implemented by a signal which is used for encoding into the layers to provide successive refinement.

The rate control algorithm ensures that the traffic in the network which are offered by different sources do not exceed the limits of the network. And also ensures that the resources are also equally distributed and the throughput is also high.

The term Multicasting refers to transfer of data to multiple receivers by a single sender.  The single rate multicast ensures that all the receivers will get the data rate which is same and there will be adjustability of slower receiver to fast sender and also single slow receiver can slow down the data rate to the total group. And the implementation is easy with lower bandwidths. It is capable of establishing TCP friendly communication with sender and receiver.

The network model ensures that the data rate received at the receiver’s node is less than that of the rate of data delivery at the parent node. The level of transmission is given by the number of layers which are sent. Depending on the level of transmission the quality depends when we considered in case of audio/video.

Hence we can conclude that the usage of Multicast Rate Control results in effective use of network. In the future efforts are being done for up gradation so that better networking solutions can be obtained.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on Multicast Rate Control with PPT for CSE Final Year Students.

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