Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Datamining Standards:

The paper is about data mining in detail and also covers the various standards used in the data mining, which includes PMML, SQL/MM, XMLA, SEMANTIC WEB, and DATA SPACE.

Data refers to the meaningful information, where mining refers to extraction of resources. Thus data mining refers to extraction of meaningful information or required information. And most of the cases it is considered as knowledge discovery from database. The main goal of the data mining includes extraction of the required information from the data set and also transform the data to the understandable format in case of future use.

The two goals of the data mining includes , usage of the existing products to extend functionality and designing the functionality in such a way that it meets the requirements of the real world.

To face all the challenges and also improve efficiency in data mining needs some effective standards. The parts of the system that are standardized include the input data formats, output models and also the integration of the mining systems into other mining systems and also vice versa. These standards are classified as standards based on the task to be performed (involving input, output formats), standards based on technology (SQL technology) and also standards based on process (i.e. sequence of events in the mining project)

Thus we can conclude that the data mining is an effective mining approach and makes use of various standards like PMML, SQL/MM, XMLA, SEMANTIC WEB, and DATA SPACE in such a way that all the challenges in the data mining are met and also the efficiency is obtained in the functionality of data mining.

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