Technical Seminar Presentation on Data Security In X.25 Networks with PPT for IT Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Data Security In X.25 Networks:

The paper is about implementation of data security in networks. With the increase in the data flow on network there could be possibilities of data to be theft, of communications of data. It provides a lot of technical as well as commercial advantages when compared to that of circuit switching. The main important thing about packet switching is that, it is cost so the paper focusses on the need of implementation of data security in x.25.

The concept of packet switching with the access protocol of x.25 has become popular for implementation efficient and efficient in transmitting a larger volume of the data.

The usage of the circuit switching involves a number of lines with frequent call set-up and also call clearing set-up for each one, which results in both inefficiency and expensive in nature. Due to all these limitations all the applications involving the corporate users and banks and financial applications started using x.25 services when dealing with online transactions.  It is more advantage in case of multi-destination environment.

For implementation of security it makes use of Data encryption technique so that the data is hidden and sent to destination secretly using some encryption techniques. To ensure data integrity both the data and entity authentication is done. The threats to the network security are classified as both Passive Wiretap and Active Interference. Where Passive Wiretap includes tapping the medium and read the data in the transmission process whereas the Active Interference will modify the data that is being sent during the transmission.

We can conclude that, the technology can overcome the limitations while data is transmitting using low quality wires of copper .and also ensures the reliable transmission of data with speed up to 56 kbps. And it is simple and cost effective implementation.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on Data Security In X.25 Networks with PPT for IT Students. 

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