Technical Seminar Presentation on Broadband ISDN for EI Final Year Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Broadband ISDN:

The paper is about ISDN. The paper includes the various broadband services and their history, various concepts of ISDN, ATM, its configuration and services, the benefits and limitations and also other technologies are discussed.

In general the quality of the service will depend on several factors including the cost, integrity of the data, the capacity of the utilization, providing security, also includes privacy of data along with the feature of the integration.

In order for overcoming many issues of providing the inefficiency in the network, the inefficiency can be in providing services related to data transmission to larger distances which is a complex situation. The break down in the services can also create problem, we have come up with broadband services.

The ISDN is considered as a technology which is capable of providing the network services which are cost-effective with the usage of the public telephonic network. In the network application ISDN is considered as the important phase so that the increasing demand can handle data communications in the computers.

The term ISDN is defined as the integrated digital network which makes use of the digital switches and the paths, for providing different services ex: includes the telephonic and data. ISDN it permits various sources including the voice, data, text and also the other source material transmission which can be on telephonic wires which are existing.

We can conclude that when we use the ISDN, there are many advantages for improving the sound quality and also provides features including call hold, caller id, call waiting more efficiently. And it enables both voice and also the data transmission to occur at the same time, It is also capable of sharing the multiple devices with in a single line. The disadvantage of ISDN includes the cost implementation for wiring, more service charges, and also includes limited availability.

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