Technical Seminar Presentation for ECE Students on Light Emitting Polymers with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Light Emitting Polymers:

The paper is about light emitting polymers .where LEP is a technology which emits light based on the electrical operation performed. LEP, it exhibits the electro luminescent features. The concept of LEP was started in early 1990’s. The emission of light is due to the electric field application.

The conduction of the polymers includes a conductor, semiconductor and insulator. Conductor is used for conducting the electric current. It allows the flow of electric current through it equally in all directions and the flow of the current depends upon the amount of the resistance of the conductor and also the amount of voltage applied.

The semiconductor allows the flow of electric current in only one direction and weakly in other direction. The flow of current depends partially on amount of voltage but mostly depend on forward and backward resistance. Whereas the insulators do not conduct electricity i.e. they are the very bad conductors of the electricity.

The structure of LEP includes an anode, cathode and a thin film of polymer. Generally metals can be used as cathode and tin oxide can be used as anode, whereas the thin film of polymer is used in between cathode and an anode. The implementation is as follows, initially an electric field is applied between the electrodes and the electrons are then injected from cathode and anode and also the injected charges are combined again.

The advantage of the LEP includes the lowest consumption of the energy, it is an easy to use technology and it supports all the future requirements and provides flexible lighting and also provides large area lighting.

We can conclude that LEP implementation is easy and cost effective. It provides flexible lighting and it is a technology of present and even supports the future.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation for ECE Students on Light Emitting Polymers with PPT.

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