Technical Seminar Paper Presentation on Grid Computing with Seminar Report

Introduction to Technical Seminar Paper Presentation on Grid Computing:

Grid computing has arrived and already being implemented in the commercial environment. However, lack of knowledge and understanding has prevented enterprises from tapping into the benefits. Gris computing is basically an extension of distributive cluster computing. Here we try and focus on the basics of grid computing emphasizing what’s important and relating the whole in an intuitive framework. 


Grid computing is important to companies since it offers the advantage of cost efficiency while avoiding the problem of being locked into a closed system which cannot keep up with the growing needs of the company. The concept of grid computing has its genesis in the scientific and academic fields and has definite implications for the architecture of the IT industry. The grid helps in distributing functionality and computing tasks.


Peoples approach to the concept of grid is varied; some consider it as a network of personal and desktop computers within the limits of the organisation  others it may consist of clusters of computers, or several clusters of clusters and or special data sources. In this case it is simply a desire to take advantage of powerful networked resources which allows analysis of data by sharing computing resources. At the moment the grid taps personal computers as when these are available so that complex tasks may be spread over several computers.

The Semantic grid is a grid which has services that are properly defined allowing for bettered cooperation among people and computers. This is important as a seamless automation allowing for flexible collaboration is very important. The conception of grid computing has its genesis within the scientific and tutorial fields and has definite implications for the design of the IT trade. In this case it’s merely a need to require benefit of powerful networked property that permits analysis of information by giving out computing possessions.

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