Technical Seminar on Virus

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Virus:

They are the harmful computer program that interfere the working of the device whether it is computer or mobile. They have the capability to run themselves and create duplicate of themselves. They are harmful they can damage the working of the mobile or computer. They can generate some errors or may format the computers.

Even pirate software is a type of virus. A computer virus can be written by anyone. They can stop working the computer hardware. A virus can also leak your e-mails information’s like Melissa. Most of the viruses that are designed they erase your information stored in the memory.

Most viruses come through internet if you don’t have registered anti-virus or when you share your external memory for the data then virus might come from hos computer. Someone might send you virus e-mails. There are many viruses that are varied according to their functions; Trojan horses, backdoor Trojans, worms, boot sector viruses, parasitic viruses, linking viruses etc.

Sometimes you might see error in your PC that this file is corrupt, it means that this file is attacked by the virus and it has over write file code to its own code which makes that file useless.

To overcome this problem you must have good quality of anti-virus and keep it update, and always install premium anti-virus. Other step is that don’t give your external memory device to anyone that may bring virus with file. Always try to keep back up of the important data. Use internet more securely, don’t click on any link that you suspect, don’t try to read spam in your mails. As there virus runs on any language written code, best source of the virus is e-mails specially advertisement mails. If you are using smart phones then keep your Bluetooth switched off.

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