Technical Seminar on Virtual Keyboard

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Virtual Keyboard:

This is the new technology that is used in the computer systems.  Normal keyboard have physical buttons, complicated circuitry, processors. General keyboard have around 104 keys. They can be made up of many things like rubber, foam, metal or plastic etc. they have the problem that their keys may get damaged or stop working.

Virtual keyboard is the new technology that overcomes all the limitations of normal keyboards. They work on the sensors. It means they are not physical they can be generated anywhere with the help of sensors and light. It uses device that emits light on the plane surface that generated keyboard and it can be used same as like normal keyboard.

 For such keyboard we require device and the related software. It can be displayed anywhere on the flat surface means they are portable and sensors is used to detect the motion of our fingers on the keyboard. It is best suited for any type of persons who type fast or slow no matter how much you stroke the key. It just like USB plugs and play. They are little costly and they require little practice to use them. They are mostly used in the gaming, word files and hi-tech sectors. We can set the size of the keyboard by doing changes in the software.  The light of the room must not be very bright; it may not allow the keyboard to be projected and visible clearly.

In these keyboard the light emitted in kept low as to prevent the eye damage. Now they are also implemented in the cell phones. Example: Kitty. It is a type of virtual keyboard that is independent of the system and it only require touching of the buttons. Infocus are also the virtual keyboards they don’t use Laser for projection. 

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