Technical Seminar Latest Topic on BACO Algorithm

Introduction to Technical Seminar Latest Topic on BACO Algorithm:

It refers a BACO algorithm which selects an appropriate resource to assassinate the jobs according to resource status. The Local and Global pheromone newly feeds the functions to correspond the system load. The local aroma function notifies the status of the resource after the job responsibility.

Global pheromone function notifies the status of each resource for the entire job after the job responsibilities. It suggests the Job Scheduler the latest information of all resource for the next jobs responsibilities. The exploratory shows that BACO is applicable to symmetry the full system load.

We will analyze whether there are any other places of activity which we have to see that the definitions of pheromone update functions. We will also try to apply BACO algorithm to various grid computing applications. When a job is to be allowed to a resource for execution, we must be certain that all its precedent jobs running on other resources have been completed.

Lastly, this paper concentrates on the computing grid. We may twist the pheromone indicator and pheromone update functions for the data grid to consider the duplicate strategy to select or anticipate which resources have more storage or are applicable for file duplication by their latest status.

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