Technical Report on Cryptography

Introduction to Technical seminar topic on Cryptography:

It is the technology which maintains the security and also the networking security which keeps the data and the information safe and always protected from the hackers. It deals with the two important topics named as the DES and the RAS.

The objectives of cryptography are the application and uses of cryptography. Encryption methods, analysis, managing the cryptography and its key management.

Some encryption topics and operations are plaintext which is the original information messages, cipher text is an encryption message, and Encryption is the series of the action of changing it from plaintext to cipher text. Decryption is the series of changing cipher text to plain text. Encryption key is the value which is used to encrypt and decrypt data.

As talking about the encryption methodologies there are some sub types of encryption methodology such as substitution cipher where plain text is changed from cipher text. Transposition cipher in which plaintext info are send to cipher text. Monoalphabetic cipher is which one alphabet is changed to other subjects. Polyalphabetic cipher which changes two or more characteristics. Running-key ciphers are those which convert plain text alphabets to numbers.

There are some cipher modes of operations like ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR etc… Cryptography also has analysis called as Cryptanalysis and they are Frequency analysis and Birthday analysis.

There are some types of Encryption keys and they are symmetric keys, Asymmetric keys. Symmetric key uses a same unrevealed thing that all members must know. Asymmetric key uses the public and private keys in it. Key management contains key creations, key protection, key rotation, key destruction and key escrow as its sub topics. The backbone of the cryptography management is on the selection of keys and longer keys that will reject attacks rather than short keys. There are some encryption architecture called as the steganography and the Watermarking.

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