Technical Report on Computer Viruses

Introduction to Technical Topic on Computer Viruses:

Virus is a program that can execute itself and can cause damage to the computer hardware and data present on the hard disk. In this report we will show the list of ten most dangerous viruses. Cabir: – It was found in 2004. It a mobile phone virus that spreads through Bluetooth in message inbox with very nice name. they also slow down the processing of the phone.

Skulls: – it is another type of mobile virus which damages whole phone. We can only receive call from it.This type of viruses isTrojan based.

Comm. Warrior: – It is the mobile virus which sends its copy to another number via MMS and damages the whole phone.

Locknut: – it spread through internet downloading which damages the ROM system of the cell phone and damages the application of the phone.

Fontal: – It also spread through internet. Once it is fired it locks the whole phone and could be opened.

RommWar: – It is type of mobile virus that spreads through Bluetooth, MMS and internet. It damages the phone booting system very badly and phone keeps on restarting again and again.

Doom Boot: – This type of viruses spread through Bluetooth in mobile phones. It damages the booting system of phone and creates corrupted files in the phone.

Card Trap: -it spreads through memory card of the mobile phone. It damages the some button of phone. It also causes the application to not functional. If this infected mobile is an attached to a computer then it will transfer to pc and starts replicating itself in the computer.

PB Stealer: – It spreads through Bluetooth. It damages the number in the contacts, database of the phone and notepad in the phone.

App disabler: – It is most dangerous virus as it affects the operating system of the phone and spread through Bluetooth.

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