Technical Presentation Topic For CSE SS7 Network Architecture and Protocols

Introduction to  SS7 Network Architecture and Protocols Technical Presentation Topic:

Introduction:-c telegraph and telephone. Signaling system no. 7 is also known as acronyms SS7 and C7.

Role of SS7:- IT can set up and tear down circuit switch connection such as telephone call. It provides advanced network features. It also provides mobility management for cell phone which allow user to move anywhere evening attach with network. It also provides service for short message service (SMS). It support Intelligent Network such as toll-free calling and also support ISDN. It also supports Local Number Portability.

History of SS7:- SS7 was first published in yellow pages and in it the protocol stack consisted of only the message transfer part2 (MTP2), message transfer part3 (MTP3) and telephony user part (TUP). It was later not considered in blue and red pages.

SS7 system architecture:-It can employ different types of signal network and different structure can be influenced by it such as administrative and telecommunication network. Worldwide signal functionally has divided into two parts international and national.

Signaling links and link sets:-Sp’s are connected to each other through signaling and transfer take place through signaling and bandwidth is of the link is 64kbps. Link between two SP’s are grouped into administrative and this logical group is called as link set.

SS7 protocol: – It depends on cellular network or intelligent network. In it the number protocol stack combination is growing such stack uses TDM transportation. New implantation are begin to appear and use different transport means such IP and new protocols.

Conclusion: – The SS7 data communication network is act like a nervous system to bring components to telecommunication network. SS7 are also called Signaling points. Sp is transferred using packet switching facilities. It allows communicating with other using data components and manages transactions.

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