Technical Presentation on 4G Technology PPT

Introduction to 4G Technology PPT Presentation:

The fourth generation technology is the fastest technology provide for data transfer. This document helps us to understand the 4G technology in detail.

What Is 4g?

                4G if fourth generation telecommunication systems. It provides a comprehensive solution for voice; data transfer so that this type of data can be transferred for user anywhere, anytime and more efficiently than of the previous technologies.

Why 4g?

                Let us have a look at the reasons for evolution of 4G. 3G the previous technology used for data transfer was insufficient in some areas like support for multi-media application, wireless teleconferencing, and full motion video. The operation of 3G across network was difficult for it. There was a need of global service and portability. The data packets needed to utilize the IP in its fullest form.

Features Of 4g

a.)    4G provides the data rate of 100Mbits/sfor moving device and 1Gbit/s for low stationary objects.

b.)     Between two points the minimum data rate is 100Mbits/s.

c.)     The bandwidth between 5 and 20 MHz is most flexible bandwidth for 4G but default it is provided till 40 MHz’s.

d.)    All the IP packets in data transfer us IPv6.

e.)    4G provides global roaming all over the world.

f.)     Operating internet with the current operator on your device is easy with current wireless connection.


                It has helped to provide the portable internet connection throughout the cities for various devices. It provides DSL cable option to provide to service to miles. It provide telecommunication, IPTV service.

Key 4g Technologies

a.)    OFDM

OFDM stands for orthogonal frequency Division Multiplexing. It is most profitable to physical layer. It also provide framework to improvise the performance of the second layer.


It helps to develop a good standard of base station. And use the radio technology usage for accessing the internet.


It improvises the quality of signals being sent from transmitter to receiver or from one device to another. It multiplexes the signals between the antennas.


This technology is the mobile IP based technology.


                We conclude that 4G offer the best options for the following things a good standard of wireless network, clean communication between wireless network and the end users, and it is being considered the most excellent technology which will connect the world.

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