Technical Paper Presentation on Blutetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is presently ruling over the world of technology. It is a wireless connection between several equipment’s and they are mostly of small sizes. The main aim of this technology is to provide a low power consumption and a small size as well as low cost device production. Characteristics of Bluetooth are stated below in brief.

It has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and can work within a distance of 10 m as well as 100 m. The rate of data for asymmetric mode is 721 or 57.6 bits per second and for symmetric mode it is 432.6 bits per second. It can provide up to 3 voice channels. It provides complete protection of data which is encrypted and authenticated with and comes with a 8.128 bits key. In the mode of data transfer it consume 30 Ma Power. USB adapters from Bluetake printer from Hewlett Awkward, cell phone from the Erricson company and PCMCIA adapters from Intel will be used today for the research.

The USB dongle box contains a description of the process, two sticker packs for adapters, taped for fixing cables, CD with softwares and drivers and two Bluetooth adapters.

It is good that the installer of Microsoft does everything by itself but at the same the installer also tries to copy the non-existing files into the directory of a system C disc from the CD without asking for any permission. The developer of this program still finds it difficult to solve. For the equipment of Bluetooth a support software is very necessary and in comparison to PC components it can estimate the functions of these devices. The technology is based on the server and client concept and the Dongle provides:


Dial-up networking

Bluetooth serial port

Network access

Exchange of information

Transfer of files

Synchronization of information

Exchange of informalin

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