Technical ECE Seminar Report on GPRS

Introduction to Technical ECE Seminar Topic on GPRS:

The paper is about the GPRS. All the organizations which are either small or either medium or even the large scale is finding measures, so that the network traffic can be controlled in such a way that the flow of resources is good so that the operations can be performed well.

In general network is defined as connection of various computer systems. The connection is established with the help of either LAN or even WAN. Also the network traffic will represent the density of the data in the network. In the network the devices can wait for utilization of resources and if all the devices are waiting at the same time for the usage of resources can result in the network traffic. If forms the communication request between the devices as request, also the response and even the control of the data. Here the data is transferred in terms of the packets and network traffic is regarded as the load on the devices and also system.

GPRS is considered as the packet-switching network in the present voice network. When it is combined with the GSM it provides various services related to voice and also provides the data solution when compared to that of other solutions. The speed of the GPRS is three times faster when compared to the data transmission speed of other telecommunication networks.

The usage of the GPRS provides security which is implemented by the GSM networks. As an initial step of the session the user is validated using secret information which is available on the smart card called as SIM.

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