TCP traffic over the CBR traffic through the MANET Network setup

Network setup:

                      The significant aim of this project is evaluating and comparing the performance of TCP traffic over the CBR traffic though the MANET by the usage of various routing protocols. This scenario concentrates on the estimation of TCP traffic performance using the AODV routing protocol and thus requires the few settings. The network setup is done using 200 mobile nodes with the MANET family as the basic MANET model. Few parameters are required to be setup for the simulation of scenario one and they are indicated as follows:

  • 200 mobile nodes are used
  • Campus is considered as network scale
  • 500X500 meters area is used as size of the network
  • MANET model is used as the model family

                               A blank scenario is taken for creating this project scenario and the network cable is selected as the campus. The screenshots that explains all this process are attached to the appendix section. When once all these settings are done the object palette is opened in to the work area to make the network settings needed and then the blank scenario is opened. The simulation of the scenario is done using the objects that are taken from the object palette and these objects are dragged from the object palette and placed on the work station. This simulation procedure uses the following objects: 

  • Application Configuration
  • Profile Configuration
  • Mobile Configuration
  • Wireless LAN Workstations Mobile(200)
  • Wireless LAN Server Fixed(1) 

                        The procedure how the objects are dragged from the object palette and how they are placed in the work station is represented using the screen shots attached to the appendix section.

This paper is written and submitted by Sujana Priya V.

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