Project Title: Survey and implementation of multiaxial fatigue analysis using S-N methods

Project Description:

Stress-life (S-N) based fatigue analysis methods are widely used for high cycle fatigue problems such as those seen in turbines. The loading conditions on turbines typically result in multiaxial stress state at the critical locations. Utilising the latest fatigue prediction techniques will help the designers of turbines to carry out fatigue design with higher confidence.

In this project, a literature survey should be carried out for the S-N based multiaxial fatigue analysis techniques. Some emphasis should be put on the turbine related applications and those with experimental validation.

The methods suitable for turbines should be implemented using Matlab and verified using case studies found in the literature.

The implemented fatigue analysis program should be applied to some wind turbine components subject to realistic loading conditions.

Product Details:

A review report on the S-N based multiaxial fatigue analysis techniques.
Matlab programs of S-N based multiaxial fatigue analysis.
A report on the application to a wind turbine component.

Resources Required:


Industry based:

Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd., a wind turbine consultancy company, will provide the wind turbine component FE model, material properties and the loading information at the application stage of the project.