Super Scalar And VLIW Processors PPT Presentation

Introduction to Super Scalar And VLIW Processors Presentation:

The existing system is a special planning by which various rules and regulations can be introduced everything at a time and then is assassinated each one separately. A concept called as the pipe lining which allows eliminating many instructions at the same time. But the problem is all the instructions has to in different pipe lining and separate from each other.

The planning of the super scalar is it permits many instructs that must be fully executed as per the single minute of the clock hand revolutions. These also contain various many pipelines which are in working state side by side. Trusting on the number of the working pipelines the set of rules and regulations can be assassinated parallel.

This parallel elimination has some of the limitations like the condition in which it protects the assassination done parallel is similarly to those which are even protected by the pipeline architectures. Resources conflicts, Control dependency and data conflicts are other some of the limitations of the super scalar architectures. Parallel execution has some related policies like in-order issue along with in-order completion, in-order issue along with out-order completion, out-order issue along with out-order completion.

These super scalars are very dependable on the topics like True data dependency, out dependency, Anti dependency etc… True dependency comes when the output of one program is used as the input for the other program to execute the output. Output dependency comes when two set of regulations are written on the same place or same address. Anti dependency comes when a instruct is used when the other regulation is under writing process.

Some of the more architecture are Power PC 604 which contains Brand, Load unit, integer unit and float units too. Power PC 620, Pentium, Pentium II is other architectures of the super scalar   The advantage of the super scalar is Simple Scalar, Power consumption, Good Compilers etc and much more. As per the advantages there are some problems.

Download  Super Scalar And VLIW Processors PPT Presentation.

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