Sun SPOT System Seminar Report

Sun SPOT systems are used to simplify the task of developing transducer application and wireless sensors.  These platform helps developers to build a wireless transducer application using a sensor board for input output system with the help of java TM. Sun SPOT system java to up level programming, the software engineers can write there code in java using integrated developing environment (IDEs) such as Net Beans and load to an wireless sensors devices and run the application, developers can also access the low level mechanisms using standard java IDEs. Since java is based on the OOPs concept the property such as inheritance makes it simpler for the programmers to migrate application from one platform to other and helps developer to build a new wireless sensors device using up of the same hardware’s.

. This helps to run the wireless transducer application on the CPU without making use of any underlying Operating system such as RTOS, saving overload on the processor and improving the performance of the system.The end users can also gain the flexibility to experiment with different implementations of low-level services, such as networking and many other services with the help of the Sun SPOT system. These is an ongoing project in sun laboratory’s, some of the main components used in for these projects are an 32 bit ARM7 core processor with 256k RAM and 2M flash, Chipcon CC2420 802.15.4 radio device for wireless communication, integrated antenna, double sided connector for stackable board, power source of 1.5V like AA batteries, and a general purpose sensor board consist of 3Daccelorometer, temperature sensor, light sensor, 23 color Led, and a two momentary switches, and a test board which a provides a input output interface with a USB interface for power monitoring. 

Download Sun SPOT System Seminar Report.

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