Summary about Rapport and Communication Barriers


The section identified key concepts and theories related to communication such as rapport, communication barriers, and the role of management in improving employee communication. These findings helped the author build a conceptual framework and informed the research design and the wording of questions used in primary data collection .Although the section indicates that some studies were carried out in relation to the above topics, there is not enough research about communication challenges of Sainsbury employees who are international students, compared to local employees, students or otherwise. Helping international students who are part time staff to improve their communication skills is a priority task that every Sainsbury manager needs to take on board.  This research aims to address this lack of information while attempting to answer the following research questions:

  • What communication strategies can managers implement to improve the performance of international students who are part-time employees in a supermarket?
  • How do customer satisfaction levels from engaging with local supermarket staff compare with those resulting from engaging with employees who are part-time international students?
  • What are the major barriers in the communication style of supermarket employees who are part-time international students?

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