Study on Derivatives at India infoline MBA Project


The STUDY ON DERIVATIVES at INDIAINFOLINE MBA Project study is limited to “Derivatives” With special reference to Futures in the Indian context and the India Infoline has been taken as representative sample for the study.


•    To study the designations of the employees in the organization.

•    To know the various departments within the organization.

•    Interacting with various employees within each department.

•    To understand and redefine the existing roles & responsibilities of the existing job’s.

•    To clearly identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific job.

1.    The company should improve the existing sales promotion scheme and introduce new and attractive ones.
2.    The company should try to concentrate on advertising and should try to increasing the awareness among consumer build brand image through it.
3.    The company should improve the design, style and packaging because retailers are looking at the physical structure of the products.
4.    The company should concentrate on the quality, service.
5.    Company should concentrate on the distribution of the product.
6.    Coca-cola should concentrate on the pull strategy rather than push strategy.
7.    Coca-cola should increase the banners and hoardings outside the public areas.
8.    The company should also introduce more new flavors  

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