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These instructions are meant for the student to adapt in order to develop in the project. Following are the patterns for the documents associated with the project. These are mere instructions that can be refined by the group. 

Requirements Specifications (RS): 

A login box should emerge when the system is used. The several characteristics of the system should be offered in adequate description in a Q&A pattern. This characteristic would refine the strength of the application. This characteristic would assist in showing the entire description related to the present logged in user. This characteristic would keep the entire involved users and the super users of the alterations done to the profile of the logged in normal user. On the basis of specific fields, the super user can see the particulars of the entire employees or seek for a specific employee. 

Database Fields Specification: 

The Employee Number plays a pivotal role in the database, hence it ought to be a numeric unique key. 

Input Screens: 

It has the login page, about the developers and contact the developers. The Administrative module includes the Login User Master Module and the Utilities Module. 

Output Screens: 

The output screens have the view profile module, the edit profile module and the edit profile module and the edit password module. 

Test-Plan (TP): 

The test-plan is fundamentally a catalog of test cases which are meant to be run on the system. Few test cases can be executed autonomously for some elements and few others need the entire system to be prepared for their operation. It is good to examine every element as and when it is prepared incorporating the elements. It is significant that the test cases include all the prospects of the system.

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