Student Course Registration Visual Basic Project Report

The aim is to build software for student course registration by automated system. This project is developed using Microsoft visual basic v6.0 and MS-access as back end data-base.

He She  who wants to join an intuition or college comes with necessary details about the course he wants to join and further information is stored in the database by registering and it can be retrieved easily with one click and it can be maintained  up to a long time for future purpose.

System Requirement Specification:

This process of registration is an automated process.

The student should give all details regarding certificates.

Hardware configuration:

 The hard disk RPM should be very high.

 The hard disk should be single not multiple attachment for fast accessing and delivery of data.

 The system must contain at least Windows XP OS with 1GB RAM.

 .Net Framework must be installed on system as minimum requirement.

Data-Flow Edge Image:

The image below shows the flow of how data is processed.  First student comes and selects course it may be a PD/UG.

And he selects the desired course based on his qualification after his registration the data is entered in data-base and for any enquires he contact them.


By The use of this system the data be easily entered.

There is no chance of losing data because in olden days the data is entered manually in records and after some years the data is lost but by the implementation of this system helped in protecting data even up to 100 years also.

This reduces lot of work task and work Load.

Download  Student Course Registration Visual Basic Project Report.

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