Struts for Beginners – Struts Tutorial

Struts for Beginners:-

  • Struts software is created based on MVC2 architecture /design pattern. Using struts we can develop only MVC2 architecture based java web application and programmer cannot use struts to develop other architecture based web applications.
  • In the process of developing struts application maximum MVC2 principles will be implemented automatically.
  • In struts application development resources, layers are fixed. The comm. between these resources and layers is also fixed. But logics in some of these resources are programmer choice.

Struts Basics:-

  • Type: java based web framework software
  • 1.3. X (compatible with jdk1.4+),  2.1 X (compatible with jdk1.5+)
  • Vender: Apache foundation
  • Open source software
  • Download software as zip file from web site.
  • Extract the zip file to file for installing struts software
  • Creator: Craig mcclanahan
  • For help:, www.forume.apache .org
  • For reference books: Jakarta struts1.x—from O’relly press.
  • Struts 1.x software zip file: and
  • For struts 2.x software zip file: file.

– Framework software provides abstraction layer on core technologies that means framework software generates the common logics of the same category application & makes app. Developer the application specific logic.
– In this process application development time will be reduced.

Normal Servlets & JSP based MVC2 Architecture Web Application :-

  • View layer->develop all logics manually (presentation logic)
  • Controller layer->develop all logics manually (integration logic & other logic)
  • Model layer->develop all logics manually (B. logic & persistence logic)

Struts based MVC2 Architecture Web Application:-

  • View layer->develop all logics manually 
  • Controller layer->framework s/w generates all logics dynamically
  • Model layer->develop all logics manually

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