Strategic Marketing Management

Assignment – Strategic Marketing Management 

Task 1-

Examine the principle of strategic marketing management

(a)    Select an organization to use to provide case study information or as an example when completing this assignment where this is indicated or appropriate. This organization may be in any business or the private sector or any company. You need to discuss the role strategic marketing plays in your organization of your choice.

 (b)   Are there any theory, models, principles and/or practices that could be practically applied to develop strategic marketing planning- if so state one of these.

(c)    Describe and critically evaluate how strategic marketing influences the achievement of corporate strategy.

Task 2-

Understand the tools used to develop a strategic marketing strategy

(a)   Describe and critically evaluate a tool of three tools, techniques and/or models that could be used to analyze when developing a marketing plan for the company of your choice.

(b)   Examine how segmentation, targeting and positioning could be used for the company of your choice.

(c)     Examine the importance of relationship marketing and how it could be implemented for the company.

Task 3-

Evaluate how to use strategic marketing techniques for the organization

(a)    Identify appropriate strategic options available for the company to grow its business and examine how it could be used for the company.

(b)   Develop appropriate marketing mix strategies for the organization and examine how it relates to strategy.

Task 4-

Explore the recent changes in the general and marketing environment for the organization you have selected

(a)      Examine recent changes in the current business climate. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of current marketing strategy of the organization to address the above issues.

(b)     Propose strategic marketing responses to key emerging themes.


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