Storage Management Software using Java & MYSQL

Project Description   :  The main aim of  Storage Management Software using Java & MYSQL application is made for handling the orders against the enquiries of the customer and then the delivery of that generated order. It is a Java based software System that provides a Businessman all the facilities to check the stock of Raw Material according to the order placed by the supplier. This project has two major modules 1) administrator, 2) users where admin has all privileges to create, delete, and alter the orders; the user module has only limited functionalities. This final year project was developed by using core java, advanced J2ee Struts, servlets, server side java programming language (jsp) for validation where HTML can be used for front end web designing. MYSQL is the database where we can store all database details like orders, raw materials, user details, etc.

Role of the developer: Requirement gathering, system analysis & design, coding with java, database creation using MYSQL, basic performance testing & implementation.

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  1. I need this project doing study on this project and getting knwoledge about coding..

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