Stock and Supply Chain Management Java Project Report

Introduction to Stock & Supply Chain Management System:

Stock and Supply Chain Management System is implemented using HTML & Xml as Markup languages with Java Server page servlet as Front end and Oracle 8i as Backend.

This Existing system is used as a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transformations of these materials into intermediaries aims finished products, and distribute of products to customers. Supply chain comes in both service and manufacturing organizations, although the difficulty level of the chain may vary from industry to industry.

One of the most important systems of any organization is the Supply chain management System which will accommodate Access control to database system and Supply Chain management database system. The main objectives of the proposed system to use access control data for SCMS operations and reports generation. It provides the following services for better controlling of operations online. 

  • Order Detail Application, Check the stock level.
  • Stock Detail, Purchase raw Material.
  • Dealer’s information, Get Order Number.
  • Planning Process, Depend upon Duration And Quantity. 

It also facilitates to schedule employees duty using Planning process Concept. Using Fast Production, Moderate Production. It should also provide the various reports related with system like

  • Order Information.
  • Sales Target for monthly Account.
  • Dealers Detail.
  • Company Expense.
  •  Report according to Planning Process. 

The following key features of the system are:- 

  • It is developed using J2EE in addition and latest technology of JSP concepts.
  • It is accommodated with Finger Print and Face recognizing access control system.
  • The system provides all database characteristics such as data accommodating, data privacy and security etc.
  • The system is developed with user privilege module to control the system with different echelons level people.
  • Eclipse and Net Bean will make employees to work with system in friendly access.
  • Online and Content Help document will help the employees to use the system with originality approach.
  • Since the system is designed with more cultured manner, the maintenance of the system becomes easier.
  • Reports generation will be more parameterized and well formatted
  • Adjustable for future enhancement. 

It has Total 9 Modules for the Proposed System:-

  1. Product Detail.
  2. Order Detail.
  3. Dealer detail.
  4. Feedback.
  5. Stock Detail.
  6. Purchase Material.
  7. Planning Process.
  8. Ordering Process.
  9. Planning Process.

Download Stock and Supply Chain Management Java Project Report .


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