Steganography Project Report in Java

Introduction to Steganography Project in Java:

In comparison to the technique of cryptography where the messaged has not disguised itself but the content is obscured. With the advent of steganography over the technique of cartography alone the security of messages has highly increased. The messages do not attract the attention of other recipients, to themselves and to the messengers. The art and science of hidden messages are hidden in the technique of steganography and it is done in such a manner that no one other than the recipient who is intended to receive the message can discover the secret message.

Traditional means are used for encryption of steganographic messages and then the cover text is further changed in some or other manner. The encrypted message results in stegotext. Letter size, typeface, spacing and other convert text characteristics can changes are made to execute the hidden message. This means that only the receiver of the message can recover and decryption it. Steganographic coding present in a transport layer likeMP3 file and protocol like UDP are then used in the electronic communication system.

For transmission of data safely and securely the steganographic system is used and it also enables safe storage of data in the network. There are many files that are important and include confidential data, they can be stored in encrypted form in the server. These files can be used only by authorized users.

Transmission of these files can be made possible only in the form of encrypted data and it does not disclose the message to the intruders. This means that the hackers and intruders will not able to make out any meaningful information during the transit. Moreover before trying to use the files the users need to enter the system with the help of valid password and user id that is allotted by the administrator to him.

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