Steganography Project DFD Diagram

The existence of communication can be hidden from others by using the steganography technique which is the science and art of communication. This system do not able others detect the messages that are hidden in various ways. The word steganography is derived from a Greek work which means “covered writing”.

It consist of a long chain of secret methods of communications that completely conceal the existence of the messages. Invisible ink, character arrangement, microdots, signatures in digital format, converting of channels and communications through spread spectrum are some of the methods that are used in this technique.

Both the techniques cryptography and steganography are twin cousins and they act in the spy craft family. A message in the cipher text format can easily arouse suspicion in the mind of the recipient while on the other hand, the use of invisible messages created with the art of stenography will not do any such things.

In comparison to the cryptography technique where the intruder is allowed to modify as well as intercept the messages without even violating the premises of the security that is guaranteed by cryptosystem the steganography is used to conceal messages in other messages in such a format that it never allows the hacker to detect that there is even any existence of a second secretive message.

The digital fingerprinting and watermarking for video and audio is hugely in demand in the present industry and it enhances the steganography technique highly. With the discovery of high speed computers steganography in the form of images has reached the edge. the Least Significant Bit  Insertion is one of the most popular technique that is used in image steganography. There are various advantages of using this method and the best use is that it helps in transmitting messages secretly without the risk of the message being discovered by the intruder. 

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