Staff Promotion Decider Android Application

  • In the Proposed system the STAFF PROMOTION DECIDER solves the manual record maintenance problem in the recognition systems by providing simple app and database.
  • The experimental results also show that the proposed STAFF PROMOTION DECIDER USING Android gives better classification performance than the other .
  • Smooth automation of existing manual systems based on an organization’s unique business processes.
  • Easily accessible and consolidated promotion information for analysis and reporting.
  • The experimental results shows that Staff Promotion Decider using ANDROID gives better performance than

Simple applications have received much more attention in recent years. It is the first step in many applications for head of department to make a decision regarding promotion/increment/incentives/perks of a particular staff category within less time. This tool provides information about staff performance/responsibilities/achievements during past two academic years by just giving staff name. It also takes care of the scheduled activities completion &the execution status;

Therefore the performance of these system dependents on the efficiency of data has been given out. These approaches utilize Android platform. All most all smartphones support apps nowdays. Creating staff promotion list is an easy task for human, but still far way for the mobile/computer to be easy task. One of the most main reason arise is the high variability among the Employees.

Showing user  Login screenshot


Software Requirements:

  1. Operating system: Windows 7
  2. Eclipse
  3. Android SDK
  4. Android ADT

Usecase model:

 Use Case Diagram

Identifying Actors:

Actor is the role of an object.

Actor 1: HOD

Actor 2: Administrator

Identifying use cases:

Use case describes set of sequence of actions that represents behaviour of an element.

Use case 1: Login

  1. Add new staff
  2. View staff
  3. Promotion

Exceptional flow of events

  1. Enter user name
  2. Enter password
  3. Verify user
  4. Invalid user

Use case 2: Add new staff

Main flow of events:

  1. Check employee list
  2. Add authenticated employee
  3. Set the data

Exceptional flow of events

  1. Check employee list
  2. Add authenticated employee
  3. Set the data
  4. Exit

Use case 3: promotion

Main flow events

  1. Employee details
  2. Display

Exceptional flow

  1. Exit

Usecase for login:

Usecase for login

Usecase Diagram for Promotion:

Usecase Diagram for Promotion

Sequence diagram for login use case:

Sequence diagram for login use case

Collaboration diagram:

Collaboration diagram

Class Diagram for HOD:

Class Digaram for HOD

class diagram showing modules of application:

class diagram showing modules of application

Activity diagram showing staff promotion decider:

Activity diagram showing staff promotion decider

System architecture:

System architechture


Staff promotion decider based on android is very helpful application for promoting thestaff. The existing system of staff promotion decider is concised in its

Application area. Staff performance in the past two years can be viewed and based uponhis/her performance criteria incriments are allotted and staff can be promoted.   In future We need to upgrade it and insert other factors which can retrieve the data of all the previousyears which is useful in expanding its application making the task easier and avoiding the most manual manipulation which can be further improved and used in college portals.

Welcome page having three buttons

List of the staff details New staff screenshot having various fields to enter data Promotion  factors Showing staff details

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  1. where is the source code & documentation of staff promotion project? from where i can download it. please provide it.

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