Spread Spectrum Seminar Presentation

This Spread Spectrum seminar topic explains about the how the signal is spreading in that area. The spread spectrum is mainly used in military areas because this spectrum is more secure compared the other signals. The spread spectrum cannot interfere with other signal, and this spectrum cannot be modulated. The bandwidth used here is in high range. This spread spectrum is used for multiple access and for multiple functions. Spread spectrum decrease the interference with other signals for secure condition. Normally spread spectrum use the noise for spread in the range of narrow band. The receiver converts the data into original form. This spread spectrum used in phase modulators and this technology explained in 1941. At the starting of founded this technology the army not interested to implement this but after some days they are having the problem with normal signals so they are now implementing the spread spectrum.

There are the techniques to implement the spread spectrum these are direct sequence, multi carrier, frequency hopping, time hopping technique. These are the techniques used for implementation transmission and reception here using the direct sequence spread spectrum for digital data transmission. Spread spectrum clock generation technique is used to avoid the interference. This sends a clock signal, especially for the microprocessors to reduce the spectral density. This ECE seminar topic is mainly used in military areas.

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