Speech Recognition Based Password Enabled Devices Switching System

The main objective of Speech Recognition Based Password Enabled Devices Switching System project is to create awareness in readers about the use of embedded systems in automatic controlling devices, in this project speech based password enabled devices switching system we implemented an equipment control system based on the speech commands using embedded system technology.

Proposed system:

The system is controlled by a control unit having a micro controller, sensor circuit having speech recognition module with relay and triac connected to the micro controller. When we send the voice commands the speech recognitions system sends it to the micro controller and based on the voice command the micro controller acts on the relay circuit considering the speech based up on the stored data in its memory system.

In order to provide the security, we enabled a password alert to the system. So the need is that the users should initiate the password on before he sends the commands. For these operations, the micro controller is conditionally programmed based on embedded C programming language.

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram, simulation steps.


Introduction to embedded systems:

An embedded system is a micro processor based computing device intended to control the operations of the components of the internal circuit. Embedded systems possess the following distinguishing qualities like Reliability, Responsiveness, Specialized Hardware for specific functional tasks, Low cost, Robustness, and these are designed to perform multiple tasks based on real time computing constraints.

The main components of the proposed circuit:

Micro controller (16F877A), Crystal oscillator, Regulated power supply (RPS), LED Indicators, Solar plate, Speech recognition module, Relay with the driver, and TRIAC with the driver circuit.

Microcontroller PIC16F72:

The micro controller used I this system is an High-performance RISC CPU, self-programming, had 128 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM) and 2K x 14 words of Program Memory with Interrupt capability.

 Download Speech Recognition Based Password Enabled Devices Switching System Project Report

Soft ware requirements:

  • Express PCB is used for designing a printed circuit board.
  • PIC C compiler is used for compilation part.
  • Proteus 7 (Embedded C) is used for programming micro controller and for simulation part.

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