Special Notepad .Net Project

ABSTRACT: Special Notepad is an Application which is advance of notepad and better looking app and we can install this on our system.

This is a better looking App or product .And this may give a very nice working support to the user who want to work in betIen multiple file.

And I can write the file or edit the file on this Special Notepad.

This special notepad has three tabs which names are Writing Pad, Painting Paper and Image Notes.The Image Notes tab helps  us to easily write the text from the image.The Painting Paper tab helps us for demonstration. The Writing Pad tab helps us to open multiple file in different tabs.

Future modification & Update

In future I will attach database with special notepad for the purpose of storing files into the database. Which database can only allow the user who should correctly signed in.

Using the above objective of Visual Studio 2005, A complete code for aprogram can be wriiten.


The proposed system for this special Notepad, would allow uses to work or write the files using this application.


This Special Notepad project has the following modules:

  • Notepad with more options
  • Multitabs in single form
  • Ribbon menu
  • Calculator
  • Painting Paper
  • Image Viewer
  • Setup file creation


Notepad with more options

This Module may also contains same amount of options which are appears in our ordinary Notepad. And then more option included with this App or project or product.  Because to give more facility to the user to improve the quality of the file.

Multiple Tabs within the single form

  • Using more than one tab with in a single frame or form to give a more comfortable to the users.
  • And the single tab has a eligibility to show a complete file at a time.
  • Then multiple tabs may also be shows the more files at a time using in single form.
  • For example: Comparing both files which are important to relate and to solve the problem or to find the solution by referring the both files at a time, error correction…etc.

Ribbon menu in Notepad

  • Today market trend is to improving the better looking quality, stylist form or frame creation to cover the customer or users of product.
  • So like that Microsoft introduces the ribbon menu to the programmers and developers to add in our project or product to improve the software quality.
  • Finally in the same way I am also going to improve my project quality. So I am going to use one of the special thing (which is ribbon menu) with is updated by Microsoft.
  • I am used Ribbon menu to operate the over all options of main form

For sample options are: new file creation, save, save as, exit, copy, Calculator, paint Form, Image Form also.


  • In this calculator have same arithmetic options like an ordinary Calculator with good looking.
  • And operation of arithmetic calculator will be appears in a separate new form.


The reason of painting paper adding into the special Notepad is to create a main map of which I understand by the file

  • use: if a teacher may have working on Special Notepad, If he want to like to explain or teach clearly in the way of graphical wise, then he or she may also be used the Painting paper.


The Special Notepad has one more special thing which is Image Viewer. This image viewer may also shows already stored images.

  • Use: if the user or the teacher want to show or explain by using the image, which is already stored in the selected path.


  • In this project, I am will show how to deploy a C# application using a standard Visual Studio Setup Project.
  • Any application must be somehow provided to the end-user. If the application is very small and is composed of a single executable, it can be deployed by just providing the executable to the end user so there is no need to create a setup project.
  • If I may have composed the multiple executable then setup creation is a one an only way to escape by the file missing there is no duplicate.
  • And one more main reason is I can safely and secretly give or present or sale our project to the end user or customer. So I can hide our logical coding and special files. This method is apply to every project which are in App market.
  • So finally our main reason is created setup project can’t be depend or present on any client machine to execute the specified function, so I need to create a setup project, that will install the needed dependencies and the application itself.


  • And next one tab of special Notepad is Painting Paper

special Notepad is Painting Paper

Save File DialogBox generated by Button of Ribbon Menu to store

generated by Button of Ribbon Menu to store



Here Page: 3 and Page:4 are newlyadded tabPages. By the reflection of +tab button at ribbon button

Deleting Tabpages
Deleting Tabpages

And then, This is the figure of after delectedtabpages 3 and 4 by clicking the -tab of RibbonMenu.

This is a font Dialog Box for selected tabPage.

Dialog Box for selected tabPage

PrintDialogbox for print the file

PrintDialogbox for print the file

ColorDialogbox for changing the BackgroundColor of selected tabpage.

changing the BackgroundColor of selected tabpage

Following those are the some basic and improtant operations of notepad to easily handlethe copy paste operation.

The Keys are Cut,Copy,Paste,SelectAlland finally TextToSpeech recognizerbutton.

SelectAlland finally TextToSpeech recognizerbutton


This Special Notepad Application is a great improvement over the system user. The Visual Studio has good human attraction. In the current system, the front app using is very slow. The user can work with this application reliably.


  • Notepad with more options
  • Multitabs in single form
  • Calculator
  • Painting Paper
  • Image Viewer
  • Setup file creation(installable)

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