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We speak to communicate with the world. Speaking ability is the natural gift for human beings to express him/her to the outer world. But what about dumb people? Showing sympathy on them is what people do. But this app helps the dumb by speaking on behalf of them, so that they can be beneficial by avoiding their usual way of sign language.


By using this SpeakUp Android Application, dumb people can communicate with others as if they can speak so that they can express their intention of speaking without difficulty. This application can also take the input as voice and convert it in to the text.

The main purpose of this project is to help the mute for speaking. Some text has to be entered that can be spoken out by an inbuilt voice. We can also record a voice and can save the recorded voice along with some textual information. All the recorded voices can be viewed and played.

Whenever there is a need to speak, the dumb can open this application, enter some text, speak it out or play any related recording available.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Recording voice.
  2. Saving the recorded voice along with some textual information.
  3. Displaying all the recorded voice with their textual information.
  4. Playing and stopping individual recording.
  5. Deleting the selected recordings.
  6. Speaking the entered text by an inbuilt voice.
  7. Give the input as voice also.
  8. Changing the volume of the speech.
  9. Searching for the recorded voice by entering textual hint.


  1. Text to Speech
  2. Speech to Text
  3. Recording module

Hardware Requirements:

  • Android mobile with a minimum version 2.3.
  • Processor is not less than 500MHZ.
  • RAM is not less than 170MB.
  • SD card with minimum of 512MB.
  • Resolution is not less than 480*800pixs.

Software Requirements:

  • Mobile Operating System: Android 2.3 or Later
  • Server Operating System: Windows XP or Later
  • Tools (IDE): Eclipse or Android Studio
  • User Interface: XML
  • Code Behind: JAVA and XML

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