Sound Operated Traic Based Disco Lights Electronics Mini Project

Introduction to Sound Operated Traic Based Disco Lights Project:

Sound operated traic based disco lights project is mini project form electronics and communication students. Main aim of this project is to develop a simple electronic circuit for controlling light based on the variations in sound or music. As we see in discotheques people dance for music but there is no variation is light effects in order to increase effect in discotheques we implement a lighting system in which light flicker based on sound variations. With this lighting system we can add more attraction and improve entertainment in discotheques.

In this project we use condenser micro phones are used for converting audio signals in to electrical signals these signals are used as input for transistors for amplifying micro phone signals. Voltage from audio signals will activate transistor and turn on LEDs. 

Block diagram consist of input audio signal, filtering stage, amplifier stage, switching stage and output stage. Each block has its own functionality. In first block audio input is taken from condenser mic which converts audio signals to electrical signals and output is sent for filtering stage.

In second stage filtering is done using RC high pass and low pass filters which are used to remove high frequency and low frequency from the audio and linear stable audio output is produced.

In third stage two stage common emitter amplifiers are used for increasing signal strength and processed to other block.

In fourth stage switching operation is performed for switching transistor switching action is used. Based on the input signal strength from amplifier transistor are switched to on and off state.

Output from this circuit is given to LED light or DC motor which will help to test the variation in signal strength and voltage. 

Here we provide full project report for this project with circuit diagrams, block diagram and detailed explanation of project on every topic.

Download Sound operated traic based disco lights project documentation from this link.

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