Solarise Pick And Place Robot Mechanical Seminar Topic

Introduction to Solarise Pick And Place Robot Mechanical Seminar Topic:

In this paper we explain about solaris pick and place robot mechanical seminar topic.Time and man power play major role in industries the in our daily work these automation systems reduce work load for humans and even reduce risk factor. Most of industrial works like packing, food processing, welding, assembling are done by automation to save time and money.Main use of implementing pick and place robots is to transfer goods from one location to other location and we  use these robots for transmitting goods which are in larger size which are tough for humans to transfer.

By using microcontroller based mechatronics system and solar plate made of photovoltaic cells the solarise pick and place robot can be made. This robot detects the object and carries to place at the desired location. To detect the object infrared sensors are used in solarise pick and place robot.

 Pick up robots functions in a way that when it senses objects at a distance it moves to that location and picks that object using end effectors and moves smoothly to end location. If there is any object comes in between it does the same job. This entire process is controlled using micro controller and sensors which works on solar energy.

Robotic arm and end-effectors, Gantry for moving the arm is the two main mechanical parts used in this pick and place robot. This kind of robots can be used in industries like automobile assembling industries, production industries, and food processing industries

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