The Advanced ECE & EEE based Solar based defense cleaning robot with autonomous charging and navigation project provides a clear description of a Solar-based cleaning system which can charge by itself and can navigate to reach the destination to be cleaned or where it can charge.

As we are in the realm of automating the machines around us. Whereas cleaning robots have never encountered a sustainable acceptance in the market due to their heavy complexities in manufacturing and unaffordable costs.

In contrast, this specific robot not only cleans the room but can navigate through rooms to reach to the charging slot or to the muddy field through GPS and sensors.

Firstly the Controller takes input from the GPS to track its route through the doors and commands the motors to move as per the requirement. Whenever the robot encounters an obstacle it receives information through sensors to defend it from brutal hits and avoids falling from steps.

Once the controller senses that its charge is getting depleted through the sensor the robot navigates itself to the charging station and charges itself without any human intervention.