Software Quality Assurance Project in Java

The primary aim of this Software Quality Assurance Project is authorization of some of the process involved in the inspection process. This simplifies and automates the present manual system. This allows users to communicate their ideas easily through the mailing facility. This project helps to inspect the document in such a way that the defects are recorded and not to be made again. This helps to store the details of the user, project, status etc.   

Report Generation Modules:

There are mainly five reports generated for the ease of the clients to view all the details concerned easily. The reports are: 

 User Report

 Project Report

 Inspection Master Plan

 Defect Report

Project Allocation 

User Report:

              The user report is used to display the employee Id, employee name, mail Id, qualification, specialization, experience and grade.

Project Report:

            The project report is used to display the project name, project code, expected date of completion and moderator code.

Inspection master plan:

            This report consists of details regarding the defects in each phases of the document, the role of the employee, major and minor defects etc.

 Project Allocation Report:

            This report is used to display what are all the projects assigned to each one which includes username, userid, project name etc.

Defect Report:

            This report shows the defects in the standard of coding which includes defect Id and defect description.


The interpreted “ Software Quality Assurance Project ” has been developed to overcome the problem faced in the present system. The developed package was found to work out the operation effectively. The objectives of the system have been achieved.

            The goals that have been achieved are:

      • Ensure process time and increase throughput.
      • Simplifies the operation.
      • Avoid some manual work in the existing system.
      • Reduce data redundancy and inconsistency.
      • User friendly input screens to enter data. 

            A consistent and efficient system has been successfully developed, implemented and tested. The system has been developed using J2EE and Oracle8i under Windows 2000. The system is very flexible and user friendly. So further changes can be incorporated into the system easily. Adequate documentation provides for maintenance and future enhancement.

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