Software Projects Resource Planning Tool

Project Title:    Software Projects Resource Planning Tool

Environment:     Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, DHTML, JavaScript, Oracle 10g.

Operating System:    Windows XP/2000/2003.

Server:    Apache Tomcat.

IDE:    MyEclipse.

Project Description:   The objective of “Software Projects Resource Planning Tool” is provided a web-database application for Software Companies to support its project management. Resource implies the employee and task.

This Java based application helps in project management by associating different tasks with different employees whether the task has to be completed with in specific time limit.

Tasks need to be completed in a certain time by a limited amount of employees with specific skills. Clients can know the progress of working their projects.

This Software Projects Resource Planning Tool final year student project has been developed with Java Servlets, Java server pages, JDBC connectivity, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and Oracle Database Server.

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