Introduction to Software Project Management and Monitoring System Project:

The project Software Project Management and Monitoring System focus on the level of development and it also considers the time that is used for programming, design, verification, testing etc. Before this application was developed all the activities are done manually which take more time as well as manpower. Interest, commissions, dues and other relates issues are manually calculated and it also sometimes leads to wrong calculations.

As per the latest proposed system the product will help the organization in handling the records of all the projects that it undertakes. Size, effort, time and the departments that are involved are some of the informations that are relevant to the projects and is maintained by this particular equipment.

There are various scopes of this proposed system and it includes:

To know details about the inventories and keep them up to date

To know the warehouse system status

To reduce the mistakes that usually occurred in the system that is practiced manually

The requirement collection of the client is performed by the BDO and it includes the details of the project and clients into the database. The data scan log is also updated and viewed on the web page. It only includes the respective details. The status of the project is checked by the client and only the client login that is authentic. It is also capable of checking the phase of the project.

The providing of resources is dealt by the HR with the manager of the project. It check the details of the employee as well as his designation. The status of the project can also be viewed by the HR. The planning of the project is dealt by the PM and it means dividing the entire project into many parts and assigning them to the programmer. The time sheet of the developer is also checked by the PM.