Social Security and Welfare Measures Project Report covers detailed explanation on different topics. Here we provide introduction to this project.

Every organization has their own social security and welfare forces in order to support their labour and even to maintain workplace relationship with their labour for company success. The social and welfare activities will play major role in the organization success and especially it will support the organizations in improving their human resources. This paper is aimed to identify the welfare benefits such as health, moral and physical supports that are offered by organizations to support their labours. This paper will even identify the financial aids offered to the labour by the organizations and even identifies the job satisfaction levels of labours working with the organizations. Welfare measures and social securities are the part of human resource activities of an organization because these are the only factors that allow the organization to identify whether their workforce is satisfied with the work environment and support offered by their organization or not. Satisfied employees yield more productivity, in order to fulfil this statement organizations should support their labour by understanding their wants and needs accordingly.

The main summary of this paper is to propose that every organization should feel employee satisfaction as their corporate social responsibility. This paper will even identify the welfare measures and social securities that are established within HMT Bearings which is a public sector organization. The primary data of this study is research questionnaires, focus groups, surveys and interviews through which the essential research data on selected title will be gathered. On the other hand, the secondary data of this study will be gathered from published articles, case studies, web documents, peer reviewed journals and book reviews. 

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