Smart quill is the one of the most important type of pen that can remember the words that can be used to write and helpful to transform the same words into the computer text. In this way Smart Quill is related to the computer.  It is absolutely related to the new millennium era. Smart quill is very different from digital pens and it is a fountain pen sized handheld computer. This is developed by Williams a scientist from Microsoft research laboratory. Smart quill can be said as the pen computer which was a working prototype.

Technical Specification:

  • It has the Display Technology. We can display scrolls using the tilt sensors.
  • It is capable of handwriting Recognition and Signature Verifications.
  • Smart quill Displays the scrolls using the tilt Screen.
  • The memory of Smart quills and the power is 4MB EEPROM and the capacity.
  • The Communication with the other required devices.
  • The power is

AAA Battery:  Anti Aircraft Arbitrary Battery

Size: 44.5mm Long and 10.5mm in diameter

Weight: 11.5gm.


There are two techniques that are very useful to use this:-

1)      The using the technology of Accelometres.

2)      Using of PIC-8 Microcontroller.

Working of Smart quills:

  • It works with Tiny accelerometer

The two Types of Accelerometer Technology are as follows:

1)      2 axes-ADXL 202

2)      3 axes-tronic +/-2g.


The main Assets of Smart quill are as follows:

1)      The “Spatial Sensing” system

2)      The best Intuitive user interface.

3)      The important Assets is Security in Handwriting recognition and in Signature Verification.

4)      The 3D- Mouse

5)      Saving of Power


  • In future the Smart quill ensures all the computation power that the user needs to write insed the pen.
  • Smart quills is the best option for the reducing the size of handheld computers.
  • The estimated Cost of Smart quills is $200.

Download Smartquill Seminar Report .