Smart Window Electronics Project Report

Introduction to Smart Window Electronics Project:

The most nagging part of a summer is of course the unbearable heat generated from the sun rays gazing through our home & office windows, on contrary during winter season we wish it would be warm inside. There was a need of a glass which behaves and adjusts its characteristics depending on external weather factors. Sunrays consist of which brings harm for the human body, it is essential to cut off them before it reaches us. Smart windows are a creative and futuristic solution to all the above problems; it can be controlled like a fan is controlled by its regulator. Composite glasses are used to adjust the heat characteristics of the sunlight and also to prevent the harmful radiations from penetrating through it. All smart windows are air, water tight and are also resistant to high speed winds.  

Advantages of Smart window Electronics Project:

  • Can control the heat in the room by changing the texture of the glass electrically
  • Harmful radiations such as UV rays, Gamma rays are blocked effectively
  • Makes place warmer during winter, cooler in summer
  • Energy conservation and no need of curtain or shade fittings
  • Huge potential business in the future


Electro chronic window has various levels of materials such as glass panels, conducting oxides, EC Layer, Ion conductor and storage etc.  When electricity is passed through it, ions will be transferred and as a result a layer of oxide will be the positive electrode and tungsten oxide will be the negative electrode which will eventually result in darkening of the glass. In liquid crystal windows, a layer of liquid crystal are sandwiched between two films which on power supply will make the glass clear from a glazing state? Thermo chromic windows cut off heat using gel based coating changing the window state from transparent to light opaque and reflective.  Photochromic technology changes the glass color but rarely reduces the heat. Suspended particle devices (SPD) is the latest among other technologies, it contains two panels of glass, a conductive material, millions of suspended black particles, liquid suspensions and a control device. This technology can provide far more efficient cutting of heat than other technologies and also can switch the process swiftly

Download Smart Window Electronics Project Report and reference documents.

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