Smart Sensor Seminar Report

Introduction to Smart Sensor Seminar Topic:

Smart sensors are the nest revolutionary tool which senses the data from the real world. Smart sensors are capable of prediction, interpretation and communication. For this purpose the system must be reconfigured and perform the necessary data interpretation, fusion of data from multiple sensors. These sensors also provide functions that perform computation of complex sensing and actuating task with high level application.

Its function can be classified in three terms of compensation, it provide the ability to system to detect and changes in the network environment and second one is information processing, which aims the data processing and interpret the collected data and third one is communication and integration in which communication standardized the network protocol and integrated one does the coupling of sensing and computation of chip level. Another one is validation sensors in which required to avoid the potential disastrous effect of the propagation of erroneous data. Data fusion is another one in which combine information from different sensors.

Smart sensor network: – A sensor network is a collection of sensors interconnected with each other by a communication network. A sensor network is made up of individual multifunctional sensor nodes. It has much significance like sensing accuracy, area coverage, connectivity, minimal human interaction.

Challenges: – There are many challenges in smart sensors they are changing network topology, in its high level services communication protocols are required and another is resource optimization.

Application of smart sensors:- It uses in tire pressure monitoring in this information is wirelessly transmitted to the driver and another one is, bush wire response, intelligent transportation, health monitoring, water management and eco system monitoring and robotic landmine detection, in it sensors are used to detect and deactivation of mines.

Conclusion: – The smart sensors are very costly, highly accurate and reliable. The smart sensor revolution will going to effect the market in the whole world.

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