Smart Note Taker Seminar Full Report

Introduction to Smart Note Taker Seminar:

Smart note taker seminar report covers detailed explanation on different topics. Here we provide introduction to this topic.

Nowadays, technology is playing major role in the individual’s life and in this technological world, there are many technology based inventions in which Smart Note Taker is having an incredible importance. Because of busy work schedule and hard work timings, many individuals are facing problems in storing important notes related to workplace. By using this Smart Note Taker, individuals can write the notes in air which will be secured and stored within the pen memory chip stored in digital medium.

This product is having many features and benefits through which people can easily store their applications in the form of images or word files. Whenever, users are giving inputs in air that particular data will be identified and programmed with unique characteristics and it will be finally stored in word of image files. By using this application, users can even store paint documents with figures by choosing a program which will be printed and screened accordingly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Note Taker


The main advantages of this system are as follows:

  • This application can be carried out in the form of pen which is easy to carry and easy to use
  • The text or notes which is to be saved can be written within the surfaces of air without making use of pen and paper
  • This application is best suited for graphic software which is capable of storing many painted and graphic data
  • This Smart Note Taker is an easy portable device and its weight is too less when compared with many other devices


The main disadvantages of this application are as follows:

  • The cost of this product is high when compared with other products
  • There is no possibility of storing the templates as well as formats other than word documents and graphic files
  • The data from this product cannot be transferred to other device
  • Lack of product awareness among the people

System Requirements:

  • Java Applet programmed with Java Code
  • Pen for programming the processors
  • Windows XP as operating system

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