Smart Note Taker CSE Seminar Topic with Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Smart Note Taker CSE Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about most useful application Smart Note Taker.  The data written on this will stored on pen memory chip and will allow the user to read in digital medium after the job has done. This product helps users to take easy and fast notes. This product is useful to the instructors in presentations. When the instructor draw figures or text then that data can be processed and sent to the server computer. Then the server computer broadcasts the same through the network to all of the computers in the presentation room.  The smart note taker is very simple but a powerful product.


Smart Note Taker has capability to sense 3D shapes and motions when user tries to draw. The 3D shapes and motions which sensed are transferred to memory chip and then displayed on the corresponding display devices or broadcasted to other computers through network.  This product can monitor the notes, which taken before, on the application program like a word document or an image file used in the computer.  The sensed figures which were drawn on the air will get recognized by this product with the help of few software programs and the desired figure or text is displayed in the word document.

 If the application program is some paint program then most similar shape will get printed on the display screen.  The prior market of this product is educational services and schools. Smart note taker is great solution for the students to take entire notes given by the teacher without much effort and loss of information. This product helps to transfer teacher notes on the board to software directly.   


The Smart Note Taker is good and helpful product for blinds that think and write freely. The Smart Note-Taker provides a better solution than other existing technologies to address the problems encountered by blind students in their classrooms.

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