Smart Material In Automobile Mechanical Seminar Topic

Introduction to Smart Material In Automobile Mechanical Seminar Topic:

Smart materials Mechanical seminar topic explains about the materials which have the ability to change their shape and size by adding some hat to them. They can convert from liquid state to solid due to changes in weather conditions. These materials have the capabilities to respond environmental changes. They respond to changes in temperature, moisture, pH, magnetic Field, electric field, etc.

The phenomenon of shape memory effect (SME) was first discovered in the year 1930 by Oren Oleander. Later this shape memory effect was demonstrated by change and read in 1958. Later shape memory effect properties of nickel, titanium alloy and brass alloys were discovered

Different type of smart materials is Electrostrictive and magnetostrictive materials, Rheological materials, Thermo responsive materials, Electro chromic materials. Today automobile industries are manufacturing smart cars using these materials which have the properties of smart memory effect (SME).

The incorporation of smart materials makes driving even in difficult climate or weather conditions easy and pleasurable. When the cars drive from one line to other line or through different type of roads these materials will warn the driver. SMAs (Shape Memory Alloys), Piezoelectric Materials, Magnetostrictive Materials Magneto rheological / Electro rheological Fluids are some of specific applications used in automobile industry

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